This week, we are going to find out what season of mompreneurship you are in.

I know that this may seem like a simple task, and maybe for some it is. But for most of us, it will be the first of many inward journeys we will take to become more self aware on our mompreneurship path.

What I am hoping we can do together this week is find the season of mompreneurship that you are currently in, and have both your season of motherhood and season of business be one in the same, rather than fighting against each other.


This week, we will be diving deep into your task list on the day-to-day, and learning how to use the Delete, Delegate, Automate system to prioritize your tasks.


No homework this week! We are going to dive into breaking some of the beliefs that are holding us back. Be sure to delegate enough time for some extra reflection and pondering this week.


It’s time to set some goals! Use these links for quick access to your goal setting workbook.


Once we dive into childcare, it will feel natural to want to dial in your budget. This is completely optional, but this budget worksheet resource is a great starting point for calculating child care costs versus your work schedule.

WEEK 6 & 7

We’ll be diving into time management and confidence building these weeks, and each season has a unique skillset needed to be a time management and confidence master. You’ll want to hone in these skills right off the bat. Don’t know what your strengths are in order to make this happen?! That’s where the homework comes in. Let’s see what your strengths are and how we can foster them.



The final week! it’s time for reflection and preparation.

Nicole Andreini