Blessing Baby A

Here's a fun fact you may not know... 

Before last Sunday, this is the list if baby items Adam and I owned:

  • A crib with a mattress and one fitted sheet.
  • A Halo Sleepsack so generously gifted to us back in April.

Literally. That's it. 

Another fun fact? Sure!

There was an extensive list of people that I had not seen or talked to since we got pregnant. NOT OKAY.

So, as you can imagine, I have been anxiously awaiting our baby shower, and behold! We celebrated Baby A last Sunday and it was just the most wonderful day in the whole entire world, ever.

We did not play games. There was mingling and champagne and tiramisu. Best of all, we don't know what this little bundle of joy will be, so there was certainly no gender specific theme, which made it TOTALLY fine that I wanted hot pink flowers and black and white stripes.

As per usual, everyone congregated on the porch and stayed there until someone had to shuffle them in the house. We had moved the furniture (ALL the furniture) into other rooms in the house and lined the big room with long tables. Looking back, we should have had a disco dance party instead of eating food. I mean, who knew Mom had that much space in her living room?

We ate quiche and talked over the noise of others talking and blew kisses to each other and had a show of hands for boy or girl votes (26 girl to 19 boy, by the way...). Rachel prayed and then a slew of phenomenal blessings were spoken by the most dear women in my life. 

It was, quite simply, the most magical experience I could imagine. It felt like a mini version of our wedding, full of joy and massive love and Jesus.

Other shower tidbits?

  • Carey cried, and then said the F word. 
  • Baby A will have lots of warm hats and socks which will serve him or her well in the middle of July. I'm going to have to keep the house cold just so I can dress them up in their snuggly booties.
  • I have a tribe that is massively talented. I walked in to the girls standing on tables, taking photos of the place settings and flowers and balloons and neon drink stirrers and stamped napkins. I don't know how I got so lucky as to have these women enhance very fiber of my life.
  • I finally found out that I weighed 7 lbs 1 oz when I was born, thanks to my fairy godmother's memory.
  • My friends have THE BEST kids. Like seriously. I opened presents surrounded by toddlers and my niece and it was the best thing ever - one was in charge of present delivery, one in charge of trash, one in charge of present organizing and one in charge of telling Heidi what the present was. Also, thanks to Avi, I now know what things are that I would have never known before... thank goodness for single digit old humans.
  • And yes, I've always loved dessert this much. It's not a pregnancy craving.
Baby A, you are already so loved and you aren't even here yet. We all will welcome you with joyous praise and celebration and you will most certainly live a life of love, prosperity and gratitude. Look at the women around you... there is no other way.

 In the meantime, bring on the last month of pregnancy and car seat installation and practice Moby Wrap tying.

Cole and Baby A