SquareSpace, not so Square

We are celebrating over here today, as we are brand new SquareSpace Circle members!

What does this mean? Basically, the Circle is a community of designers and developers that use SquareSpace for themselves as well as their clients. It's a place where we can share thoughts, tips and ideas about using the platform in its highest form.

While introducing SquareSpace is a recent development at Studio 22, it was sure a great one. We were finding that the website development experience was, simply, a pain in the ass. Here are some reasons we started our search for another platform to add to our arsenal of website workflow:

  • Our clients really want to manage their own websites. Even though Wordpress is the most popular and massively accessible platform for this, our clients were still having trouble navigating the labyrinth of Wordpress ins and outs.
  • In addition, we had some major security breaches in our Wordpress sites earlier this year, causing massive downtime and frankly, it pissed us off. Bigtime.
  • Our clients are beginning to look for seamless brand integration while still maintaining their budget. Creating custom websites and then integrating them into a platform where the client can manage their site is incredibly time consuming, and cost and arm and a leg when it's all said and done. Not fun for anyone.
  • Among other things, we were finding that in order to maintain our sites and servers, we had to significantly sacrifice our time spent on things we enjoyed, like the design part! Which is why we do what we do to begin with, and that had to change.

So, enter SquareSpace. Some reasons we are digging it? See below.

  • It feels like home for our clients once the begin their own management. Literally - drag and drop, WYSIWYG editing.

  • No software updates, plugins or widgets, meaning no vulnerabilities. Basically, no maintenance on our end and NO SECURITY BREACHES.

  • Better mobile. Though all of our sites our responsive and mobile friendly, SquareSpace makes this easy, so we don't have to build another "mobile" version of sites.

  • Built in SEO. No more paying an arm and a leg after the fact to boost your search presence. SquareSpace has software that automatically does this for us. Can you say, SA-WEET.

  • Massive customer support. Rather than having to navigate through a dozen different sources to find what you need, or worse, having to wait for us (aka, Nicole or a team member) to be able to fix something, our clients can simply count on SquareSpace. No questions asked.

But why, you ask, wouldn't you just build your own SquareSpace site? 

Well, you totally could. But the benefit of having a professional build your site on SquareSpace means that:

  • You don't have to follow the templates provided by SquareSpace and will still get your custom site.
  • As professionals, we have the ability to elevate your website from good to great by providing the type of strategic and design thinking that only comes from experience.
  • We are experts in this platform. Making almost anything possible. Want something? Let's do it.
  • We have a refined process from start to finish. 
  • It will save you massive amounts of time. Promise.

Thinking it's time to take the leap of faith and make your brand bad-ass? We've decided to do an AWESOME giveaway. We don't do these often so jump on it while you can.

We are giving away one FREE SquareSpace cover page development and design!

Comment on our Instagram post with why you want to take your brand to the next level, and tag a friend who has been a huge supporter of yours to enter! 

We will be choosing our winner on Friday, May 27th! Head on over, don't wait ;)


Nicole Andreini