Navigating between seasons can seem like you can flip a switch, change routine and move on. But when going from one season to another, it’s important to take the time to reflect, prepare and rest.


First things first! It’s time to reflect on your season. Use the resource below for your workbook!

Wrap up your 90 day planner for that season.


Use the two resources below to prepare for your next season.




Rest to Prune

Rest season has taught you how to lay low, and let systems work. But now as you make this transition into Prune, you are feeling a little anxious, and maybe like things are starting to slide away from you. This is the perfect introduction into prune, simply because you now have the discipline to use your pruning techniques, rather than gathering it all up again.

This transition will have lots of aha moments. When you start to feel the urge to prune, you will gain lots of ideas, lightbulb moments and exciting thoughts that will get you into gear. This is a sign that your body has cleared itself, and is ready for new and previously unthought of things to come to fruition.

Exercise might take a big part of your life during this transition. You’ll feel physically energized, and that energy is great manifested as exercise. Take advantage of this!


  • It’s ok to leave your books, tv shows, house projects and obligations undone. When rest season is over, it’s ok to leave it all there. Don’t prolong your Rest season simply because some of the tasks you took on during that time aren’t complete. You can keep up on these later, but know, the project will still be there when you are back in a place of Rest.

  • Purging is normal. After Rest, you’ll likely be very in tune with what you want to prune. Purging can take a huge amount of this transition time, and that’s ok! Purge your closet, your pantry, your Facebook friends list.

Are you wrapping up all four seasons or your year?

Nicole Andreini