As Mompreneurs, we are simply “time poor.” Meaning, we are poor on time. Our free time is extremely limited. To better understand how to manage our time, group our tasks, and take advantage of our season, let’s dive into how to practice the best time management practices we can.

Our Best Self Journal is going to help us accomplish most of this, but Best Self also has some amazing resources on planning for time poor people, aka, Moms.

Let’s talk about grouping tasks. Whether you call it batching, time blocking, whatever, the concept is one that will be life changing. Use the links below to start practicing these principles.

Rest season is the easiest, by far, for time management. You are excited to watch your hustle work for you, and probably feel pretty at ease with the situation.

The nap time work schedule works great for rest season, but if you are also working with child care, you can use those nap times (or school times) as rest for yourself, too.

  • Urgent first. When you make your task list, line out the most urgent things first. Urgent meaning time sensitive. If something is due by the end of the day, do that first. If it’s due tomorrow, do that second. End of week, third. You get the gist. Then spend the remaining work time on other tasks, but make sure they stick to work related.

  • Eliminate distraction. Working during rest season can be tricky, because nothing may seem incredibly urgent, especially in our own business inner workings. This can lead to distraction, such as research for new ideas, over analyzing analytics or even setting up systems we don’t really need in an effort to try it out. Try your best not to let this sidetrack you, and stick to the work you need to do, and spend the remainder of your time doing these “fun” things.

  • Involve your kids. Rest season is by far the best season to start introducing your kids to work. Start with tasks that are unimportant and don’t need your full attention – such as uploading videos or importing photos or organizing the office. Spend that time with the kiddo, letting them watch you and ask questions and help if they feel like it! It will take you longer, but that’s ok. You’re in rest season

Nicole Andreini