Navigating between seasons can seem like you can flip a switch, change routine and move on. But when going from one season to another, it’s important to take the time to reflect, prepare and rest.


First things first! It’s time to reflect on your season. Use the resource below for your workbook!

Wrap up your 90 day planner for that season.


Use the two resources below to prepare for your next season.




Prune to Grow

By the end of Prune season, you’ve probably cut down your list so far, that you’re anxious and ready to add something to it. How amazing is that?!

Since you have this opportunity, Grow season is the best to ease yourself into. Remember, don’t skip your season of Growth just to get to Hustle. This is the season of clarification.

Start adding small things, such as picking back up those books you put down, or taking on a few extra household chores. Things that will get your energy going, and blood flowing. You most likely won’t keep these tasks on your list, but during the transition it’s great to take the time to do them.


  • You’ll feel anxious to cut Prune season short. Don’t do it. As soon as you feel like you have nothing left to prune, you’ll want to move into Grow. Grow is fun, and exciting, and full of dreams! But don’t let that excitement drive you away from where you truly are right now.

  • Biz books and Self Empowerment books, make way. You’ll likely be pulling them all out right now, and also be adding a massive amount of podcasts to your library. Before you dive in, be sure to take the time during the beginning of your Grow season to make a plan. Use this transition to start that plan, so you don’t get overwhelmed with the intensity of the quantity you just added to your plate.

Are you wrapping up all four seasons or your year?

Nicole Andreini