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Your day begins with immediate tidying up from the night before. Toys are strewn about, dishes are left astray in the sink and on the counters. Your email inbox is more than a little unorganized, and it’s Monday, which means it will ensue again shortly.

It’s hard to find the joy in these moments. In fact, it’s a whole lot easier to find resentment or despair in them. Thinking to ourselves – this mess is overwhelming me, and I just want to get to work instead of rushing the kids out the door to school in wrinkled clothes and pre-made lunches. It’s terribly tempting to feel guilty while thinking this. And while overwhelm and anxiousness creeps in, we still ask ourselves –

why can’t I find joy in this mess? I am living my dream, why do I feel so resentful?


of feeling guilty for not feeling joyful? Tired of feeling anxious instead of calm? Tired of rushing through each day in search of the next, slow day?

Before I was even a mom, I felt this way. Wondering when my business would begin to thrive when I wasn’t hustling to force it to. Wondering when my days would begin with peace and joy instead of overwhelm and anxiousness. And then comes motherhood, and all of those struggles intensified. And guilt, an emotion I was terribly unfamiliar with, crept in and stole my consciousness, keeping me from finding joy in everyday moments.

Battling our roles as mom and entrepreneur against each other is a daily struggle we place upon ourselves. However, the massive amount of external forces pushing at us make us feel as if it’s out of our control.


The guilt of our own emotions – wanting to work, wanting to spend time with our children, wanting to chase dreams and wanting to watch Paw Patrol.


The struggle of overwhelm – maintaining our home, thriving as a wife or partner, channeling the patience to effectively parent our kids all the while earning an income, chasing our dreams and managing a business or two or three, and the daily, hourly, to-do list that comes in tandem.


The overbearing anxious thoughts – will I fail? Am I earning any money? Do my kids know I love them? Should I be reading more about parenting methods? Should I be reading more about running a business? How do I earn more money and work less? Does my husband need more of my attention? All questions we fail to answer, day in and day out.


And yet, the only real question we should be asking ourselves, but fleets us every day:

How can I find joy in this season of


Let’s find joy in this season, put aside the overwhelm, the anxiousness and the guilt, and replace them with joy, abundance and harmony.

During this short, 5 day challenge…

We will learn what the word MOMPRENEUR means to us, and why they can exist simultaneously, and in harmony.

We will find our season of mompreneurship, and learn why this season is important in our role as mom and entrepreneur.

We will explore our passion that landed us in this place as mompreneur, and break down why, and how, to voice it to ourselves and others.

We will reflect on our strengths, our talents and our skills, and how we can use them to spark joy in our everyday lives.

And finally, we will uncover our goals for this season, and lay out the groundwork to effectively achieve them while thriving in our lives.



Each morning, we will gather via our email inboxes or the Facebook group, and take just a few minutes to gather our thoughts, set our intentions, and lay the groundwork for our day.


Throughout each day, we will implement small but actionable steps to find joy in our roles as both mom and entrepreneur, using our morning lesson as a guide.


Each night, we can reflect on our progress, and sleep well knowing that we found joy in even the smallest of tasks, and were able to more clearly see the harmony that exists as mompreneur.

Each day’s study is delivered via your email inbox, and will take no more than 10 minutes of your morning to complete.

You can also dive deeper each day, and join us in the Mompreneur Facebook group, where Nicole will be teaching further on each day’s study, and fostering connections between all of us as mompreneurs.