What are the dimensions of the JoJo?

The JoJo is larger than most loungers, with a smaller end and larger end (hence the egg shape). The smaller end is uniquely designed for newborns and infants. We find that babies fit comfortably in the smaller end of the egg shaped JoJo until they are craving more shoulder room, rolling from tummy to back, at approximately 5 months. 

The larger end of the JoJo is universally used for 6 months and above. The JoJo can be used so long as the torso of the child fits in the center sling (top of shoulders to bottom). The top perimeter of the JoJo is used as an ergonomic pillow and legs comfortably drape over the bottom perimeter.


What makes the JoJo better than other loungers?

For a few reasons:

  1. The JoJo is the only lounger on the market that can be used, and exclusively, from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond. No need to purchase a larger lounger when baby grows out of the infant lounger. Simply switch directional lay in the JoJo and TaDa! One lounger, all of young childhood.

  2. The JoJo is made of 100% cotton - no polyester fill or synthetic material. This means that the JoJo is breathable AND firm, durable AND easily washable. 

  3. The JoJo is CPC accepted (child product certification) as well as CPSIA certified for safe and non-flammable material. 

How long can I use the JoJo?

The JoJo is the only lounger in the marketplace to be just as beneficial for a newborn as it is for an active toddler. 

We currently have babes up to 4 years old, and as young as 10 weeks premature, using the JoJo. 

The JoJo can be used so long as the torso of the child fits in the center sling (top of shoulders to bottom).

Can I wash the JoJo?

Yes! Both the JoJo cover and the JoJo itself are machine washable. Care instructions appear on each label. We recommend cold cycle and air drying, but in a pinch, tumble dry on cooler settings.

Is the JoJo safe for my baby to sleep in?

Please see our Sleep Guidelines for a full discloser about the JoJo and safe sleep, however, here’s a short answer:

The only environments that the FDA certifies as “safe sleep spaces” are the crib, a bassinet, or a play yard. No infant sleep positioner is safe as a long term sleep solution. 

Always attend to baby when using a sleep positioner of any kind. 

Can I use the JoJo in the crib?

Safety is our number one, and of course your number one, concern. Because of this, we don’t recommend that the JoJo be used unattended in a crib. The JoJo should be used a supervised sleep environment only. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in the crib with no other objects such as blankets, pillows, etc. You can read more about safe sleep guidelines here.

What about SIDS or suffocation risk?

Please talk to your pediatrician about the best sleep environment for your baby, and/or visit the AAP for more information about safe sleep. 

We do everything in our power to ensure safety of our product, and have certified our product with the Child Product Certification board in the USA.