Navigating between seasons can seem like you can flip a switch, change routine and move on. But when going from one season to another, it’s important to take the time to reflect, prepare and rest.


First things first! It’s time to reflect on your season. Use the resource below for your workbook!

Wrap up your 90 day planner for that season.


Use the two resources below to prepare for your next season.




Hustle to Rest

This will be by far your hardest transition. You will be going from non-stop brain and emotional activity to letting those stand at an almost stand still.

You will have to be the most self-disciplined during this transition, simply because it’s become routine for you to hustle. Moving into rest means that you’ll be forcing yourself to let the adrenaline calm.

Meditation is going to be your friend. When you feel yourself creep back into the hustle, one of the only ways to get yourself back on track is to meditate. I suggest guided meditations during this time, in order to keep you on track and allow someone else to tell you what to meditate on.


  • You may get sick. Sometimes our bodies react with an immune system attack when our adrenaline subsides and we can recognize what’s in our path ahead. Take this transition time to let yourself detox, in a way.

  • You will be very tired. Adrenaline will keep you going during Hustle season, and once that adrenaline is gone, you’ll be very tired. Take this time to SLEEP. This is not a cue to lounge, or be lazy. Your body needs deep rest before it can transition into a season of rest. Deep rest only has one solution, and that is sleep.

Are you wrapping up all four seasons or your year?

Nicole Andreini