How much of a time commitment is the course?

Each lesson is less than 20 minutes! I know, intimately, how important and restricted your time is, because mine is too! Each lesson has an audio introduction which is always less than 20 minutes, and then some (not all!) have some homework to implement throughout your week. Of course, you can break it up into chunks or do it all at once. But if you do each lesson and the corresponding homework, we estimate it will take you NO MORE than 1 hour a week.

Can I go through the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! By registering for the course, you gain access to all the modules right away! While we’d love for you to go weekly, as to not overwhelm yourself with information, you can of course power through each lesson right away. You will also have access to the exclusive Mompreneur Course Facebook group, where you can always find other mommas taking the course at the same pace as you, too.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You are free to choose a one time payment of $297, or three monthly payments of $99. Because we are mompreneurs here, too, we know that most likely a chunk of change isn’t waiting to be spent right this second. You will indefinitely have access to the course and its lessons even after your payment plan expires.

Where do I go to access the course once I register?

Right here! The course is hosted and managed right here on Nicole&Co., allowing you to stay in one place, and not having to bounce back and forth between another platform. If you ever have any trouble accessing what you need, you can always get in touch with Nicole directly from the site you’re already on.

Are you going to try and sell me something else once the course is over?

Nope. You will be offered a discounted price to the Mompreneur Retreat, coming this spring, but by no means will you feel pressured to buy. I simply just want our course takers to have to opportunity to meet each other, for an exclusive access price.

Will I have direct access to Nicole throughout the course?

Duh! Everyone taking the course has exclusive access to Nicole’s coaching services via Voxer as well as in the Mompreneur Course Facebook group. Nicole will host Lives, answer questions, and be engaging with each member on the daily there, so you can always drop in for some personal one-on-one.

Will the course be offered again?

Yes. For now, we have plans to keep the course open FOREVER. However, the course changes every few weeks. New content is added almost monthly, increasing the value of the course! Cost will undoubtedly go up over time. But if you have already purchased the course, you will have access to updated content, no extra cost, forever.