Breakthrough Session


Breakthrough Session

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You need to bounce ideas. You need someone to listen to your story, and give you their opinion. You need a good opinion. And you also need to know what to do next.

If you're stuck, if you're treading water, or if you're ready to leap but don't know where, I got you.

Breakthrough sessions are 1 hour Facetime or in-person meetings with Nicole where we did deep into your storytelling, your WHY, your goals and your next steps.

You'll leave with:

  • Tangible next steps

  • A clear understanding of your business's purpose and value

  • Motivation to take the next leap

  • No unanswered questions


After we set up a time to chat, you'll receive a questionnaire from me via email. Once I get this back, I'll start creating a customized plan of action based on the goals listed in your questionnaire.

We will then meet, either virtually or in person (if you happen to be local!), and spend at least 1 hour chatting. We will begin with your story, dreams and goals, and then we'll dive into your strategy. I'll record our meeting so you can always go back and re-watch if you ever get lost in the implementing process.

Finally, before we leave our meeting, we will set up a 15 minute meeting for down the road to have an accountability check in. This can be on your terms, so take as much time as you need!

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