Products keeping my morning running smoothly

Let’s talk about morning routines.

I don’t have one.

And every time I try to have one, I try it for a few days, feel pretty good while doing it, and then watch it in the rear view mirror on day 3 when I have something new I’d like to try instead.

Like sleep. Or go fishing with Adam. Or put my hair up in a top knot and go the gym half an hour early.

Routines aren’t really my thing, actually. The only routine I actually follow through with is the gym four or five days a week, and even then, it’s only Tuesdays and Thursdays I hold in sanctity.

I don’t like change much either, though. Which makes this a little bit of a debacle.

This season I’m in, I like minimal. I like slow, I like things that don’t take a lot of effort, or time or money. I’m thriving on things like meals that don’t need to be prepped (hello pickles and cheese), and camera cards that don’t have to be unloaded before their next use.

Most of my life can be managed off my phone, and even then, my apps are minimal and intuitive. I prefer voice texting over typing, living in the moment instead of photographing it, and wearing mascara instead of a full face of makeup.

This season will change, soon I”m sure. But for now, I’m loving the simplicity that comes with minimal routine, and slow transitions.

Mornings are so simple around here, and I love that. There’s Joey watching Mickey Mouse and Adam drinking coffee. Me, slowly getting up and not very into getting dressed. So most days, my skin care routine and getting dressed routine is barely existent.

But I did realize the other day, that I do have a few products that I’ve been using RELIGIOUSLY. And every. single. morning.

I took a hard look at them, and their simplicity in nature, and thought… “This simple group keeps my mornings fast, smooth and lovely, and I adore them.”

And instead of trying to be all crazy this week, I thought I’d share them with you, because we could all use a little more simplicity in our mornings, and a lot less “stuff.”



This actually came in my FabFitFun box, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It smells like the wash a esthetician would use when you get a facial, and it’s consistency is divine. So far, I’ve LOVED it and actually look forward to washing my face (which I usually hate).


The package says to use at night time, but I’ve been using in the mornings. My face has been CRAZY dry with this weather we’ve been having, and a cream moisturizer just hasn’t been cutting it. I’ve LOVED this, and it feels so refreshing, and soothing. I feel like it immediately reduces inflammation in my face, and keeps redness at bay all day.


I scooped this up as a Sephora one random day, and though the Amazon reviews are… eh… the product itself is fab. It brightens my under eye circles instantly. Also, bonus, it doesn’t sting my eyes when I get it in the corners, and it dries fast. I’ve been using it for almost a year, and I’m not even kind of close to being out of my little package. It’s wonderful.


If you shower in the mornings, which I do sometimes but not always, this scrub is a shower essential. I use it to shave instead of shaving cream, since this pregnancy has my ingrown hairs on my legs all sorts of angry. And it’s just lovely for the bump and feet, too. I will use this alongside my Raw Sugar body wash, or all on its own. Either way, it’s a great scrub and smells like candy and exfoliates like a champ.


We don’t have to get into the nitty gritty here, but pregnancy does a number on your chest situation. I haven’t grown much, to be honest, but my area is SO SENSITIVE and need something comfortable, soft and not going to dig into my rib cage. Needless to say, I’m in heaven in this bralette. It’s wireless, and the band is ultra wide, so there’s zero compression on my rib cage or back. And the deep V makes it feel like a real bra, but keeps me all tucked in. It’s need to have if you want comfy, easy, every day bra wear. Which I do, even if I stay home all day.


This is not the first, or the last, time I will profess my love for Alexa. In the mornings, I use her to give me my morning news briefings, because the news is too depressing to watch. She tells me what’s on my calendar, how many JoJos I need to pack, and keeps up with my never ending grocery list that always gets lost. She’s a godsend. I love her.


Ok, first of all, this Mango Coconut scent is basically Hawaii in a jar. But this is realistically the only hand wash that has ever been able to get the makeup off my fingers AND keep my hands from drying out. I always feel the need to put lotion on after I wash my hands, and this hand wash has never given me that temptation.


We’ve talked about my water challenge, and this water bottle seems to be getting a lot of attention. Fill it up the night before, and drink to the 7 am mark before you have your first cup of coffee. And then coffee is the reward for drinking water first! Win win.


After my post a few days ago regarding drinking water and getting my minerals, I got a plethora of questions about how I’m getting those. THIS IS IT. I add two scoops of this goodness to my water jug, drink throughout the day, and let me tell you – IT’S LIFECHANGING. My aches and pains are less, my muscle recovery is faster, and my energy level is up. PS - if you’re pregnant, be sure to get the one WITHOUT the energy supplement (that’s too much caffeine for you, babe). With my gym routine and active schedule, I absolutely need this. Also, these flavors are BOMB.


I saved the best for last. My milk frother. Aside from my water jug, this is the most asked about item in my home, EVER. It heats and froths milk (of any kind, I use real whole milk but I hear NutPods is also a winner), and makes your everyday coffee feel coffeehouse luxurious. I’m here to tell you, there has not been a day we don’t use it, and it’s worth every single penny of the $35 it costs. I am promising you, it is the best purchase you will make this year, hands down.