First Trimester Numba 2

Well, that went by really, really fast.

I swear, the first trimester of this pregnancy was WAY faster than my first pregnancy. I seriously wanted to get to 12 weeks so badly this time, and I think knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel made it go by really quickly.

Being that this round is eerily identical to my first, I don’t have a ton of new and improved tips, other than the fact that taking care of a toddler is really hard when you just want to lay on the cold bathroom floor for a few hours and be in silence. BUT, that aside. I had some amazing help and support that I don’t feel like I had during my first, and we’ll touch on that. 

I had the typical first trimester crap – nausea and extreme fatigue and bloating and constipation. Let’s just lay it all out on the table. 

Nausea, but no vomiting, thank goodness. Though ask my girls from the gym and they will tell you I came close, too close, a number of times and just sat my sorry ass down mid workout and called it. It was the right choice, for all involved. 

So, without further ado, some of my main points for this first trimester.


I had an incredible support system during my pregnancy with Joey, and now I’m realizing how incredibly different it was. The first baby was such a huge life transition, and what I didn’t see then but clearly see now is that it started as early as that first trimester. 

Since having Joey, my friends group has changed drastically. I have such different relationships now, some even more meaningful than they ever would have been, and some have drifted away in different life directions. And that’s ok! Because where I am right now is exactly where God put me on purpose.

I didn’t have any pregnant friends, or close friends with kids when I was expecting Joey, and that made for a bit of mystery and wonder on my part. And my friends’, since I was basically the first to have a baby, or the one with a newborn when many had older kids. Kind of isolated with a sounding board on each side. 

This time, my best friends are with me every single day, and they all have kids and/or are pregnant, and it is so much different. 

In good ways and bad, but mostly good. It can be a little weird, when I just want to moan and complain about being preggo, but Tasha over here is going through her fourth trimester with baby Sawyer and trust me, first trimester ain’t got nothin’ on that postpartum party. 

The support of this tribe has been invaluable, and the tips, tricks and mom life hacks we can share with no shame make for an incredibly special time right now. And I’m cherishing every moment of breastfeeding memes and toddler mom eye rolls. 

This seems much more doable with these ladies by my side, and I feel honored to have them.


It hurt, physically hurt, to get my butt to the gym. I literally forced myself. Bribed myself, told myself I could sleep an extra hour later if I just went. Whatever I had to do to get myself there. It was not easy, and I hated every.single.second.

But it was worth it, and I knew it would be, so I kept going. I pushed through, and tried my hardest not to slack. I went slower, lifted a touch lighter, and listened to my body.

But here are some other truths. 

I couldn’t breathe. Like, could not get air to my lungs. So the simplest lifts, or bear crawl or run to the sidewalk and back made for a huffing and puffing me, flat on the floor. My lungs felt like they were being walked all over, and crushed by the weight of the oxygen. So I would stop, take lots of breaks, wait longer between lifts, and take slow, shallow breaths until I could breathe again. 

This has since subsided a touch, and I’m thankful. However, getting back up to speed may take some time. Mostly, I’m timid. And that’s ok. I am listening to my body, and only doing what it is telling me I can do, and nothing more. 

The most important thing to remember is this:

You are not competing with anyone. It can be so tempting to want to hit your lift weights like you used to, or make it through an AMRAP as many times as the girl next to you. It’s a huge lesson in self control to SLOW DOWN and be ok with it. As a competitor by nature, I thrive on trying to beat myself, or in the most recent years, keep up with Tasha. This is how I measure my fitness success. And I’ve had to really dial in my self-awareness so I can be kind to my body, respect its limits right now, and know that it knows best. 

Other quick notes:

Yes, I am still lifting. No, I don’t do tire pulls with the strap around my waist or hip thrusts with the barbell at my pelvis. Yes, I still run and row and jump and do handstands (edit: try to do handstands). And will continue to do so until this baby comes out, or tells me I need to stay in bed. 

My doctor is very aware of my activity level, and always has been. I follow his lead, and trust my own body.


I wasn’t craving anything for a while, but now, hold the phone. Because I had a veggie sushi roll with lots of soy sauce for breakfast with a peanut butter Perfect Bar and it was glorious. 

Mostly, I’m just FREAKING HUNGRY all the time. Which is normal, but hold crap. I have to eat constantly, otherwise I am totally useless until someone feeds me.

Green juice, burgers, crunchy supreme tacos from Taco Bell and berries are the cravings. Same as Joey, which is weird. But all yummy and at least not terrible, make you die bad for you things. Except the tacos. Eh.

Other notes:

Desperately miss wine. Mostly the mid-day rose’ that I had come to enjoy. I have had a few glasses in all transparency, but the daily pour is something I do miss. Komboucha is life. Yes, I drink it pregnant, and yes, I drank it pre-pregnant too. Yep, eating sushi, soft cheeses and raw vegetables. Basically, doing whatever my body says it needs in moderation. Ice water, lots and lots of ice water.


Let’s put it this way – I may not love being pregnant, but my body does. It tones down, my skin brightens and clears, my hair grows to lovely lengths, my nails are strong and my boobs get a touch bigger and I’m not sad about that.

I do really love watching my body do its thing while pregnant. I’m showing a little, but trying not to rush it. I will most likely carry this baby all in my belly, just like Joey. Unless something drastically changes, which I’m not expecting. 

My bump is little and my heart is full and my hair is getting longer and I feel pretty damn good now. 

It’s tired, though. Needs so much rest it’s unreal. Most nights, my muscles can barely get my dinner to my mouth without assistance, and I’m not above being spoon fed chicken noodle soup by my husband by any means. 


Joey is the freaking best. He knows there is a baby in mommy’s tummy, and there’s a photo of baby on the fridge. He’s also come to realize, sadly for him, that he cannot jump on Mom’s stomach anymore to test her ab strength. 

He is so much help, asks me if I need coffee when I’m tired, rubs my head when I need to lay down on the couch, and brings my blankets and my water and my phone when I don’t want to get up. 

We are so lucky that he’s watched my friends and their kids go through the second baby phase, so he actually kind of knows what’s happening and will happen. His friends are all older siblings, and he LOVES the babies. I’m not exaggerating – LOVES THE BABIES. 

Joey is also in daycare four days a week, which I feel incredibly blessed for. Those four days have allowed me to rest in ways I would not have been able to otherwise, and I’m looking forward to him also being there once the baby comes, allowing me and the baby to become acquainted and adjusted, and Joey can keep his normal routine. 

I understand this is rare and not available for everyone, and I feel very lucky we have this opportunity for Joey and ourselves. 


We find out gender next month! We were surprised with Joey and waited until the was here, and we are excited to do the opposite this time. I think Adam and I will both need to emotionally prepare ourselves if it is a girl, simply because it’s not what we are expecting at all. And though I’d love to have one of each, I’m also really digging this boy mom thing. 

I’m seriously considering hiring a doula. I have not done my research fully yet, but the idea of having a doula really entices me. My labor with Joey was so fast, and I expect this to be as well. Having an “advocate” of sorts that can take some of the weight and pressure off of Adam in those moments seems like a great idea for us.

Planning on natural birth, but who really knows. I’m open to what feels right then. 

Lastly, we really want to hire a birth photographer. I have a few in mind, and we are talking that through. But documenting this story seems like the greatest joy, and I can’t wait to look back and see it with my own eyes, too.

Due date: Aug. 26 2019

Joey’s birthday: July 19, 2016

Let’s do this!