A Semi-Minimalistic Hospital Bag


The first time I packed a hospital bag, it was so strategic and well… blind. That first time you go forth and try and prepare for something you have never done before – over-prepare, underuse, and don’t have a few things you wished you did.

Typical motherhood, am I right?

My girlfriends have been on my booty lately about getting my bag packed for the hospital, since we’ve already had two pre-term labor visits and baby is sure to come early. It’s week 34 and I have finally taken the time to pack a real bag.

But this time, I went for the most minimal approach, and I wasn’t afraid to pack favorites. I remember thinking last time that I didn’t want to pack favorite things in caution of ruining them or not having them in the meantime. No such idea this time around. I want my favorite things in the hospital, and I am willing to wait to use them until then.

Our two false alarm, “throw things in a bag” bags consisted of a nursing cami, extra pair of leggings, toothbrush, dry shampoo and a JoJo. Seriously. That’s what was thrown in the bag both times. Goes to show you how minimal you could really be in an emergency. Though when the words “We may send you to Sacramento” come out of the nurse’s mouth, you rethink your bag hard core and wonder how you’re going to survive even just a night out of town with that little supplies.

Lucky for me, I got to come home and unpack those bags, and now I have a real one packed.

But to be honest, it was hard. I have been depleted for the last 3 weeks, my body just does not want to work. But I knew I needed to get this bag packed, photographed, and most importantly, out to all of you, because I don’t want anyone left in the dust like I was that first go-round. Your bag is important, not the most important, but definitely something that takes some thought and is appreciated later.

I decided to break this bag down in to three categories in an effort to not overpack again. Essentials and favorites only, was my rule.



I decided this time to not pack any makeup. I’m sure I’ll have some on (I rarely even go to bed without my eyebrows done, and that’s all that really matters), and I don’t want to be worrying about that later anyway!

So basics – deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, hair brush and my most favorite lotion and chapstick.

Extras include my go-to nipple cream, booty spray for after, “down there” ice packs (we’ll ask to put these in the freezer at the hospital when we arrive), and a few nursing pads just in case.



This is really where the favorites come in. I love my clothes, and I don’t want to be wearing something new or unfamiliar, nor uncomfortable.

I grabbed my favorite cardigan sweater, my three most favorite, softest loose tees (well, they aren’t loose right now but will be…), and my favorite bottoms.

I’ve linked everything I can in the links below, but for reference:


  • We the Free white off the shoulder tee

  • Grayson threads cactus muscle tank

  • “Raise Kind Humans” tee from SheIn

  • A hand-me-down nursing cami from Tasha

  • My favorite nightie, from when Joey was born (linked above)

  • Oversized Universal Thread cardigan (linked above)


  • Reebok high waisted, compression leggings (I got these off Zulily)

  • Softest joggers I own from Stars Above (linked above)

  • Vintage Calia by Carrie high waisted compression shorts (I wear these almost daily)


To Go Home:

  • My fave Pink Blush striped dress. Without a doubt.



Now, this is where the minimal REALLY comes in. We packed baby ONLY things we want her photographed in, and plan to swaddle with a diaper the rest of the time.

As for accessories, I packed her a binky, her nail file, and my most favorite WildBird sling. Easy peasy, and seriously all I and she will need

  • Knotted Gown, striped swaddle blanket and headbands from Lou Lou and Company

  • Ribbed Onesie from Spearmint Baby

  • Sling (this is the single layer Sparrow, my most broke in sling) from WildBird

  • Two burp cloths from Aiden and Anais (off Zulily a few weeks ago)



I put everything in a single hand-carry, vintage Samsonite (my fave) in the order in which I will most likely use them. So… nightie and ice packs on top, swaddle and binky – going home outfit on bottom. You get the gist. I put all my toiletries in waterproof zip bag for easy access, and threw my hair brush and such up top for later.

In the outside of my bag, I threw in some snacks for Adam (a bag of trail mix, crackers, etc.) and an extra phone charger.

Things I hope to have time to grab:

  • A peanut butter and jelly sandwich (seriously, I was so hungry last time!)

  • My camera

  • Headphones



Now, here’s to hoping that she stays put at least a few more days and comes with the ease of JoJo!

Nicole Andreini