What kind of mompreneur are you?


So, two weeks ago I get this email.

"Hey, we've noticed you have quite a cool mompreneur following. Are you interested in partnering with us to create some cool quizzes to engage your audience?"

Ummmmm, yes please.

Interact is a pretty awesome software that enables you to make all those cool-ass quizzes you see all over social media. I most commonly frequent the "How well do you know FRIENDS" and "What kind of donut are you" and "How excited are you for the Spice Girls reunion tour." But that's just me.

Anyway, the point is, Interact thought that all of you guys somehow made me cool enough to be a partner, and they have given me access to this software in exchange for sharing it with you!

I haven't dove super deep into all the features yet, but here's what I know:

It's crazy easy to use. It acts like Zapier, if you're familiar, and basically allows me to add anything I want, anywhere I want.

I love that I can brand it for myself, and I'm not restrained to anything at all. Fonts? Here's all of Google. Colors? Give us an hex code. Photos? Use our stock of you want, or upload your own because we know you're awesome.

Make it a "how well do you know..." type, or a "what kind of..." type and so much more. 

integrate with any email or lead collection service. Literally. Any.

Add calls to action for every single response. Know you want to take people to a download? A blog? A podcast episode? A webinar? Whatever you can dream, you can send your potential client to.

I could go on, but basically, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have made Interact think I'm awesome, because now they are awesome and now we can all be more awesome.

The end.

Oh! Want to see how this works?! I created a super fun, casual quiz below to find out what kind of mompreneur you are. I'm not totally sure my questions correlate, but it was an experiment so just roll with it.

Love you, mean it, and have fun Momma!

Yes, Interact did give me free access to their software in exchange for this post, but trust me, I only promote brands and business I think are great. You'll enjoy them, too. Thanks for supporting me and the brands I love!