Summer Reading List


I am totally the kind of person that goes through stints of reading and TV. And I don’t really like doing both during the same season. And recently, this has been the season of neither, for the most part.

FRIENDS reruns and an occasional classic movie (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Meet the Parents have been on repeat) have graced my TV screen on a low volume for weeks now.

But as I transition out of hustle and into rest, books will come back into play in a major way.

Here’s what’s currently happening for our reading and listening pleasure!

Podcast: For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

I love Jen. She’s my spirit animal. The end.

Paperback: The Perfect Stranger

I read Miranda’s other book, All the Missing Girls, in two days flat. I started this one about a week ago and haven’t picked it up again, but only because of time. I can’t wait to start again.

Business: 4 Hour Work Week

My insurance guy told me I had to read this book when I told him about our new Amazon venture. I know he’s right, so I got the paper version instead of audio and I’m diving in, notes and all.

Audiobook: Girl, Wash Your Face

Rachel is such a great spirit. I started listening from bed this morning and anticipate I’m done by tomorrow.

Parenting: The Awakened Family

This one is a longer investment, and I’m listening on Audible. It’s a 14 hour listen, and there’s so many good tidbits, I’ll have to take my time.


Joey’s reading choices are much simpler, but I have to admit, I like them more ;)

Mighty Mighty Construction Site

Bright Baby Trucks

Bear Snores On (still a fave)