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Sharing what I read this last year is not on my priority list. I did not read enough.

I said this to myself as I yet again put a book down and grab another at 1 am on a Tuesday night.

Really. How could I have read 10 books this year?! But somehow, I did. To be honest, I don't remember reading them, but I dang sure remember what I gleaned.

My reading list for 2018 is pretty ambitious. But I hear it gets easier to read more as your children grow. And let's be honest. If I can do 10 books during my first experience with a toddler, I can for sure do more now.

So what did I read? Some things were great, some not so much. But nonetheless, here they are!



The Mountain Between Us

Oh my, you guys. I picked this one up on the airport and had it read and done the next day. Honestly, picked it up because it has Kate Winslet on the cover, and she's, well, da bomb. Also, my favorite childhood book was Hatchet, and as I started reading the back cover of this one, I was brought back to my 10 year old self diving yet again into the depths of the woods after a plane crash. It's deep and dark and suspenseful and not a moment of dull. Loved it. 5 stars. Or more.

Big Little Lies

This is not news to anyone that this is a must read. I started this book, got anxious and instead watched the HBO series in two days flat and then finished reading the book. Both great. Highly recommended. Book, of course, is better than the show. But both great. Also, it's pretty rare I don't expect an ending in a book like this and this one threw me. Bravo Liane.

Two by Two

Nic Sparks will always have my heart, but I have to be in the right season of my life to read his books. Mostly because I have to remember that the men in these books are not real men, and the romance that exists here is literal fairytale. I have a tendency to be mad at Adam for the week post finishing a Nic book. I mean, why can't he take me on a date in a row boat and let me feed the geese and then kiss me in the rain? Is that too much to ask?! However, this little number (or quite long read if you care about number of pages) is a good one, and actually is more about parenthood than romance. Which I loved, obvi.

Since We Fell

Again, super quick read for me. And IMO, Gone Girl status. Go with it. It's a goodie.




Toddler Wise

Did you happen to watch my Insta Story about me reading this book? Well, basically, I LOVED Babywise. Pretty much lived and breathed it for the first year of Joey's life. So, when we were looking for a little bit of guidance in the toddler world, this was my go-to. However, I'm sad to say I don't super recommend it. What I gleaned was a fairly intense and wordy way to say, "Let your kids explore and be curious, but not too much." 

David and Goliath

Well, Malcolm Gladwell never disappoints. And this was my second time reading this book. I don't remember reading it all the way through either time, however, I enjoy every second. I like to pick his books a little bit, and read the bits and pieces that resonate with me in the moment. 

Made to Stick

Oh my gosh, my praise for this book. I found it when I was researching my mission statement strategies for clients, and it took me a while to read. It was worth every moment. It's all about ideas and why some work and some don't. So intriguing and interesting and super entertaining.

Are You Useful?

This book was given to me by a friend when we were talking at length about how to effectively run a gym. Long term, this book was great. It is written by a fairly elementary author, which is why it's also so endearing. The book references physical strength as a way to become mentally strong as well, and how we can use our bodies for good in relationships, business and weight lifting. I would describe it as a Why-To exercise book in the best way.

31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer

This book. Round three for me. I love this goody. There is a prayer for anything, and when I'm searching for how to talk to God about what I'm going through, this is what I reach for. A bedside (or purse, let's be honest) necessity. Also, Jen and Kelly are super badass and idols for me.

Show Your Work

I left the best for last. Not pictured because it has since been passed on to friends, but this book is BADASS. I loved it. LOOOOVVED IT. It's real and honest and short and sweet and so so so true. It affirmed that we do what we do because we love it, so why not SHOW IT OFF?! Success is found in the process, not the result.



My reading list for 2018 is short as of the moment, but I like this spontaneous for the most part. There are few norms (Jesus Calling, my all time every day in my purse devotional), but these are all HIGHLY recommended and will be read pronto.

What Alice Forgot

Why Not Me?

Small Great Things

The Woman in the Window

Tribe of Mentors