To the Blossoms We Went


I know, I know. The Northern California photographer's worst nightmare. The weekend late night text, in the middle of February, begging and pleading and hoping that you will meet us to take our family photos in the almond blossoms. 

I swore I would never be that person. But, I was also the one who swore they would only feed healthy foods to her baby (hello pumpkin pie and a few too many pickles). But what the hell, you only live once. And when Adam actually initiated the conversation, what was I supposed to do? Turn down a willing opportunity to take photos with my husband? I think not. Hence therefore, blossom photos for the Andreini family. Thanks, in whole, to Matt Lim, who graciously met us bright and early on a Sunday morning to take these beauties. And I will forever owe him big time. 

Also, speaking of Matt, y'all should really take notice of him. He is quickly becoming a very in demand photographer around these parts and beyond, and for extremely good reason. He is, without a doubt, the most fun to work with and takes strikingly fantastic photos. But more importantly, he has a knack for finding and capturing the sweetest moments: ones that we would every day like to freeze in time. And he does that.

So, Matt, this is partially a love letter to you, partially a showcase of your work, and partially a brag sesh about how beautiful my little family is. God, the baby's face, though... can't get enough.

It also seems only appropriate that we celebrate 8 months of our little man's life today. I'll throw in some tidbits about him dispersed between these beauties we call photos.



If you're wondering, this is a baby almond... or as Adam calls it, the nutlet. It's only a few days old, as the blooms turn into nuts, and this is the first stage.

Back to Joey, he is ALMOST crawling. As in, he gets into the crawling position, and then just plops back down to his belly. We are not totally encouraging the crawling, as we know our lives will never be the same. We have lots of time for a moving Joey. Today is not that day ;)

Also, he loves sweet potatoes, carrots, cheerios and any form of cheese. He currently cannot stand avocado, zucchini or mushrooms. Pizza has been a pretty big hit. As have hard boiled eggs and ketchup.

Last but not least, he is getting over RSV, which is a super contagious respiratory infection. We didn't catch it quite early enough, as he has been such a happy, sick baby. He's been getting breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics for about a week now, and is finally on the up and up. If we have learned anything from this little adventure, it's to get yourself healthy so you can help your baby. We both were struggling too, Prompt Care and antibiotics and all. And I'm really glad that we started to get better so we could help our little man. Because a sick baby is a FULL TIME JOB.

Ok, lastly. I promise to blog more. I recognize that you guys are out there reading these little tidbits of my life, and I swear I am going to share more. If you know me, you know I need a plan, and as such, I have made one. 

With that, I hope that you share with your friends and family, and that you enjoy these little online rants, raves and revelations.

Love to you all.