Why Amazon Prime Runs My Life


Really though. If it wasn’t for Amazon Prime, there are certain things that would happen in our household.

Like first, there would be no cleaning supplies. And that includes hygienic things, too. Whether it’s hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, Clorox wipes, shampoo or baby wipes, seriously, nothing would be clean. Nothing.

Second, we would have no snacks. I buy all of our fresh produce from the market or from a local fresh supermarket, but snacks stuff for Joe? Amazon. Peter Rabbit pouches, gluten free pretzels, veggie sticks, etc. Things that are just a little too hard to make myself, I order from Amazon.

Pretty much any baby supply ever would never end up in our house. Literally everything Joey owns is either ordered on Amazon or picked up in Target for a retail therapy run. Not kidding, not even a little. Bottles and washcloths and nail clippers and nose suckers and all.

Technology would not work. As in, none of our phones or computers would be charged, my backup drives would have failed and printing would cease to exist. 

So ya, Amazing Prime pretty much runs our house on an everyday basis.

And though tis the season for gift giving, we can so quickly forget that we should probably not blow our budget on things other people don’e need and instead gift ourselves the everyday luxury of having essentials delivered to our door.

My gift of the year? An Amazon Prime membership for literally everyone I love.

I get a lot of questions from friends and Insta friends about what I could possibly order on Amazon Prime so often, and how in fact it makes sense to me. So for fun, I’m sharing my most recent list of orders from the Prime, and also my top 5 things to have for Thanksgiving (many overlap…) that you can get in two days flat from the Prime.




Ok first, let’s talk about how I got this bad boy. Stephen’s Free Stuff. Meaning I got it for free. FREE. And also, I freaking love this thing and it’s the best non-$40 I ever spent. I even reviewed it on Amazon, and I’m gifting it to all my momma friends, new or seasoned. You need it. I need it. We all need it.


Remember this? Yep, Primed for $24


They fit Instagram prints from Artifact Uprising just perfectly, and also, notes from my husband on the back of said prints, promising that he won’t buy another boat for a while.


Because Adam stole mine to use for some fishing bait concoction. And this one is frosted and pretty. Use it to spray olive oil. As in, on roast chickens, in a baking tin instead of nonstick spray, on roasting veggies, etc. 


Still obsessing over this book and it has really expanded my horizons since I read it. You should too. Also be looking for an Insta challenge based off this book soon.



The Year of Cozy

This ring light for your phone

You know, for taking the best table selfies possible

The Misto

As stated above. Just get one.

Half Bakes Harvest’s Cookbook

This Candle

It smells like the best Thanksgiving sunset of your dreams.