The Design Tribe | A New Collaboration and a GIVEAWAY!

Owning a business is, like, freaking scary.

Want to know what has helped ease the terror a bit?

Our tribe. At the beginning, it’s easy to feel kind of feel alone and like you’re walking on fire, hoping you don’t get burned. But then, all of the sudden, someone picks you up, slaps your booty and says “Hey friend!”

This is our tribe. We are entrepreneurs. We are ladybosses. We are lighthearted and funny and ambitious and quirky and authentic and NEED EACH OTHER.

The Design Tribe is our little version of a true to heart tribe. We started our businesses, grew our businesses, helped each others’ businesses and shaped our businesses TOGETHER. And now, as creatives, we have so many ideas. So why not collaborate instead of compete?

The Design Tribe, a collaboration between Rachel Allene and Nicole & Co. is for the ambitious, lighthearted entrepreneur. Like you. And we are so excited to share with you!

So my fellow tribe, you have decided to take the leap, too.

First of all, Pop Clink Cheers! I’m raising a glass in congratulations to you.

Second, holy hell, are you so freaking scared right now?

Ya, been there. It’s like you’re staring over the edge of a cliff, and making the decision to jump. Question is, do you have your parachute ready? Or better yet, a hang glider. Then you don’t actually have to hit the ground at all!

We can fill this little post with tons of motivational fluff and entrepreneurial spirit-power quirks and all that jazz. It’s always lovely to hear how awesome you are.


We could talk about what to do next. You already know how awesome you are. You are doing the bravest thing in the whole wide world. You’re awesome, duh.

Now that that is out of the way, what to do.

You gotta get your business built, babe.

Cue, our sweet little giveaway that is not so little

We are giving away a Neon Headquarters Launch package! Ya, the whole thing. The entire shebang. As in, you don’t have to do anything other than win this shindig and you’ve got yourself a business ready to rock and roll.

One day, all the things.

NHQ Launch is like a beer flight – get a taste of all the different aspects of running your business. Indulge in the whole experience while still savoring, appreciating and satisfying each important characteristic of launching your dream.

It’s collaborative. It’s in person. And it happens in ONE DAY.

What do we do?

Business Paperwork
Business Plan
Strategic Content and Message Development
The Visuals
Digital Newsletter
Pep Talk From a Pro
Strength Finding

In our experience, starting a business goes like this:

Get really excited.
Google “how to start a business”
Lose faith in humanity

Let’s change the status quo of starting a business. Let’s do it this way:

Get really excited.
Call NHQ.
Cry for totally different reasons.
Restore all faith in humanity.

We get it. Starting a business is like crawling through the labyrinth of insanity. It feels daunting and confusing and freaking expensive. It does not have to be this way. Hence our little NHQ system, built for creatives going there by creatives who have been there.

Sound better? Yay! Totally!

So what better way to get your business off to a kick-ass start in the New Year than little “kick in the ass?”

Follow @rachel_allene and
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Tag a friend. Or two. Or three. The more you tag, the more entries you get.

And win this year. Literally. It’s 2017. Time to rock this shindig.

Let’s do it.

Want more info on NHQ? Go to Extra entry if you can find the Cookie Monster.

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