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I’m Nicole.

The need to know:

Wife to Adam. Momma to Joey and baby girl on the way. Sidekick to my golden, Henry and simple dweller of Northern California (real NorCal).




The best and most abundant ways to work with me are Mompreneur : The Course and independent coaching! We also host quite a few free events, and you can keep up with those by staying up to date on my email list (scroll all the way down this page).


Coaching and consulting

Though I thrive in the mompreneurial space, my specialty is and always will be fresh entrepreneurs.

From idea development to business start up, and business strategy and growth, my team and I are here to coach business owners through the seasons of entrepreneurship. Though we are great at coaching entrepreneurs through the ups and downs, we are SUPER great at getting businesses off the ground. Be sure to check out the Launch Intensive if you’re just getting started.


Collaborating with brands is such an honor. Never did I think this would be a part of my family’s life, and Lordy, what a blessing! I would love to partner with brands to help promote products and other services aimed for young mommas and entrepreneurs.

Ways to partner:

Instagram posts, stories and takeovers
Blog features and guest blogging
Be featured on The Mompreneur Podcast or invite me (or my family) as an interviewee

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What I do:

I help entrepreneurs ditch overwhelm, streamline business and life, and thrive in their industry.

This site and my services are aimed towards entrepreneurs that are also moms (or expectant moms), because we have super powers like no one else, and I am living that season of my life, too.


My philosophies

We are here on purpose, and that purpose is to live abundantly. Living a mediocre life, and struggling on the daily is not how I want to live. I want to thrive, learn, challenge myself and pour pack into others.

Being a mompreneur is a privilege, and the coexistence of two of the world’s most extraordinary roles. They can thrive together, and not battle it out for my time or attention.

I believe in speaking our minds, making waves and respecting others. My favorite saying, one I speak to our kids every single night, is “You are brave, you are kind, you are smart.” And this is my life philosophy, one that I hope to pass on for next generations.

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How I help

I’m a decade+ experienced entrepreneur turned mompreneur, so I’ve lived the gamut of self employment seasons.

I provide fresh ideas, motivation and strategies to transform your life from survival mode to thriving mode.

Some resources here are free and some are paid, but you can always count on content that is VALUABLE as heck, and I will never leave you wondering what you’re supposed to do next.

How did I get here?

I started my entrepreneurial journey right out of college, and opened a graphic and web design studio, serving the locally abundant and very familiar to me agricultural industry. This business, Studio 22, ROCKED the first 8 years of my career and catapulted me into where I am now.

After baby number one, I realized I wanted to spend more time at home (this was a new and unfamiliar territory for me, and very unexpected). I began scaling back my design services and enhancing my entrepreneurial coaching services. This slowly progressed into serving entrepreneurial mommas and other creatives.

Since then, we’ve grown our family and my business as a consultant and mompreneur lifestyle influencer, as well as continuing Studio 22 as a single person (me!) boutique design agency.

We’ve also ventured into product design, creating and launching the JoJo, the first ever infant and toddler cosleeper and lounger, and it was welcomed into the world with open arms. This was an unknown passion and talent of mine that I’ve enjoyed growing more than anything. I can’t wait to share more mompreneur products with you soon!